The Shift Intensive

Your Life. Your Terms. Your Way.

What does it take to be a woman who has a life you love...a life lived on YOUR terms? 

Here's what I'm talking about:

  • I'm talking about being the kind of woman who trusts in who they are is and is committed to taking risks, being uncomfortable, and moving forward despite fears and obstacles.

  • They go after what they want.

  • They have solid relationships with people who make them better and they know when to distance themselves from relationships that lower their energy.

  • They are honest with themselves and others.

  • Their yes means yes and their no is a complete sentence.

  • They take care of themselves physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally.

  • The Shifted woman leads herself so well that the people around her notice and ask her how she is doing it.

  • She is solid and dedicated to being the best and highest version of herself.

Join me inside the Shift Intensive Mini-Course where we uncover and apply the 7 Shifts to help you create your life, on your terms.

January 16th-22nd, 2022

7 Shifts - 7 Days - 7 Application Sheets


Daily Live Teaching Sessions @12pm CST (replays available anytime) inside a private Facebook Group


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Here's the thing...

It's not about appearing perfect, thinking positive, or pretending that nothing bothers you. 

We ALL have fears, feel overwhelmed, and face obstacles. 

The difference between the woman who has peace, fulfillment, and a life they love and the one that doesn't, is found in how they Shift when faced with all the things life throws at them. 

You will learn the APPLICATION inside this mini-course and then get to work. 

Inside of Shift, we DO THE WORK together in an environment where we share, grow, connect, & support!

A Shifted Woman

 ...identifies the fears, overwhelm, and obstacles and sees them as an indicator of growth 

...embraces all the human experiences with acceptance and openness in order to expand

...is aware of her power and accesses it to continually become more

Here's what you'll experience inside of Shift

A 7-day Intensive Mini-Course created to help you identify and apply the 7 SHIFTS required to expand your leadership, uplevel your life and create abundance.

Each day features a powerful teaching session PLUS direct application steps to SHIFT your life.

This is all happening inside of the SHIFT exclusive Facebook Group and signing up here is the ONLY way in!

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The 7-Day Intensive with all the trainings and worksheets in the Facebook Group​

A community of AMAZING like-minded women with 24/7 access to connect and grow together!

Ongoing access to ALL the videos, trainings and worksheets

A safe community that is fun, supportive, judgement free

Your questions answered! I'm at your fingertips. Simply ask your question inside the group.


Each day features a powerful teaching session PLUS direct application steps to SHIFT your life.


Each day features a powerful teaching session PLUS direct application steps to SHIFT your life.


Each day features a powerful teaching session PLUS direct application steps to SHIFT your life.


Each day features a powerful teaching session PLUS direct application steps to SHIFT your life.

If you could:
  • Be Authentically You...use your voice, lead yourself well, and be firmly rooted in who you are.

  • Develop Unwavering Confidence... in your strengths, intuition, abilities, and dreams 

  • Quit Playing Small...you stop hiding and step into the next-level YOU

  • Become Solution Aware...your shift in thinking allows you to see opportunities where you once saw only obstacles

  • Step into Your Greatness...by harnessing your power to create a life you absolutely love (A Big Life)

How would that feel?

The only way to be, do, and have all of those things is through transformation work on YOU! It's not simply having an understanding of what you want and who you want to be...it's BECOMING that person through shifting your thoughts, behaviors, and beliefs.

Making a Shift in your life is NEVER going to fit into your schedule.  It will NEVER be a good time.  Your brain is wired to keep you safe and even as you are contemplating this, your brain may tell you that you don't have time or that you can figure it out on your own.  A Shifted Woman is aware of the fear but does the work anyway. She knows that no one gets the success and results they want by themselves.

The Shift Intensive Deets

A 7-Day Live Mini-Course designed for driven leaders who are ready to shift their thinking and move forward in their life. 


   Live Video Lessons each day inside of the exclusive Facebook Group (available for replay at any time)

  The principles taught in these 7 days can be applied to ANY life area and any intention, dream, or aspiration!

  Each day has a worksheet(s) with action steps & exercises to begin the Shift process immediately!

  All the amazingness happens inside the Shift group, a private and exclusive Facebook group for driven leaders who are ready to do the work...and this course is the ONLY way in.

Your One Time $47 Investment gives you access to:


THE 7 DAY MINI-COURSE with all the training and application guides

Daily Live Teachings at 12pm CST 

Ongoing replays inside the Facebook Group  

Access to Bethany inside the Facebook Group for additional questions as you move through the course. 

24/7 CONNECTION TO A PRIVATE COMMUNITY of fabulous, like-minded, and supportive women who are
ready to Shift with you. 

A SAFE PLACE to grow, learn, connect, and be supported

And so much more!


It's time to Shift so you can get on with living a life you love...A Big Life! 

JOIN THE Shift Intensive Mini-Course

January 16th-22nd, 2022


I'm here to guide you to step into your power and shift your life! 

Here are the Shifts you will experience inside the 7-Day Intensive:



Power Shift

Every Shifted woman harnesses control of what they give their power to.  We will discuss the top ways we give our power away and do exercises to take action on shifting the awareness around this to take our power back. By practicing this shift, you will be more centered, focused, and able to live into who you are.


Control Shift

It can be easy to spend countless hours and a multitude of energy trying to control things that are outside our control.  We dive into awareness around things we can and can’t control and the boundaries around them.  This Shift will help you cultivate peace and calm!


Awareness Shift

You can’t get anywhere new when you stay in the energy of where you are. Many of us live out of alignment when it comes to saying what we want and then being the person who has it. We are made of energy and we can get stuck in our patterns of awareness without even realizing it. Elevate your awareness and you’ll accomplish goals faster, be more intentional, and have greater success.


Priority Shift

Are you living out your priorities each day? Many of us "know" our priorities but we don't actually spend our time living them. We allow things to get in the way and that leads to feeling unfulfilled and unhappy. There are key factors that dictate whether you live a life by default or life by design. Understanding your priorities and how to live them is one of those factors.  Build your life around your priorities and you will find more fulfillment and joy every day.


Emotion Shift

Do you have your emotions or do your emotions have you?  So many people walk around fighting back their emotions and wearing masks and capes instead of leaning in and being vulnerable. All of that pushing down stops us from living the life we want.  This Shift will impact every part of your life when you do the work.


Heart Shift

Do you believe in yourself? Do you love yourself? How well do you love others? John C Maxwell says, “We can’t give what we don’t have,” in this teaching, we discuss how your inside way of being, dictates what you see on the outside. We get to the heart of the matter (see what I did there😊). Inside the Shift Intensive, I teach you HOW to shift with practical application that will change things (this is NOT just positive thinking….it’s well beyond that)  


Lens Shift

If change were easy, everyone would be living a life they loved.  I’m not here to pretend that it’s easy but I am here to walk this path with you and during this teaching, I give you the ongoing application steps you can take to pull all the other shifts together to change your lens.  We see the world as we are and as you shift the way you look at things, your lens will be different. 

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Hey There,
I'm Bethany

~Hey You~

Yes, I'm talking to you...the Amazing Woman who is reading this:)

I believe there are no coincidences and if you are reading this...there is a reason our paths have crossed. 

I can't wait to meet you on the inside of Shift!

I am seriously so pumped. When I look back at my growth journey...THIS is the core work that was and is responsible for my continued progress. Every Shift inside this 7-Day program is part of an ongoing practice that will change everything. These Shifts will give you massive results when you do the work and I can't wait to get started!

What are you waiting for?

Let's Shift!



P.S. EVERYONE is capable of creating a life they love and it all starts with these 7 Shifts. Working on yourself is the most important thing you can do and I'm here to support you as you step into the life that is waiting for you.