Mindset  Minute

Your Life. Your Terms. Your Way.

It's time to get intentional with your days and leave the frenzy behind with the Mindset Minute daily text.

The Mindset Minute is a...

  • ​Reminder that keeps you intentional

  • Note of encouragement that helps pull you out of negative thinking

  • Practice that allows you to navigate a hard situation

Each day, Monday - Friday, you'll receive a text with a helpful tip, insight, practice or encouragement to help you.

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Here's what I've learned:


One of the key components to my life change has been and continues to be practices and tools that keep me aware of how I am leading myself.


If you aren't doing the work during the day, you fall back into the same thinking patterns and mindset that keep you stuck.


The solution is noticing more of your emotions, thoughts, and beliefs that run your life when you aren't paying attention.

With the Mindset Minute...

You notice what thoughts are holding you back.

You have tools at your fingertips that help you choose how you show up.

You recognize the stories you are telling yourself.

This is for you if you are looking for:
  • Daily encouragement

  • Tips to continue on your personal growth journey

  • Improvement in your relationships

  • Insight to topics you are struggling with

  • Practices that will help you stay focused on what is really important

Want to bring Mindset Minute to your organization?

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Hey There,
I'm Bethany

I help execs and entrepreneurs who are in transition get crystal clear about what they want, what is blocking them, and take massive action to live life on their terms. I work specifically in areas of mindset, energetics, emotional management, and strategy. 


I am a registered nurse and corporate dropout who transitioned the sh*t out of my life leaving my 6-figure salary where I managed, marketed, hired teams, trained, and led the opening and ongoing operations for 45M Resort Style Senior Living properties.


I walked away sold everything and traveled the US and today I help other courageous leaders transition into a life they love - their Big Life!