1:1 Coaching

Your Life. Your Terms. Your Way.

Inside our 3 months together, we utilize a powerful combination of science-based techniques that includes mindset, emotional awareness, metacognition, and energetics to move your forward.

Does this sound familiar...

​You're great at what you do and have achieved a level of success but you've reached a point where you feel stuck

You're ready for more and are willing to do the inner work necessary to get there

You know you are capable and are ready to expand to see more possibilities, opportunities, and results

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What do I get from your coaching?


1:1 Sessions done via Zoom providing Undivided Attention 


Accountability and Clear Next Steps after every Session


Voxer Access for between-session support and celebration 


Recordings of each session for continued review and growth


A safe space that is supportive and non-judgmental

Results of Real People

I've received the biggest promotion of my career, built my dream house, and have a healthier marriage. My only regret is that I didn't do it sooner.   


Long-term client CJ

I was successful but realized I didn't know what I really wanted. Bethany helped me uncover what I wanted my life to look like. I began using my voice in my marriage and went back to college.   


Mandy W

I have let go of trying to control everything and have so much more inner peace. I trust myself more and am starting my side-hustle with confidence                         


Erin M 

I've learned that I was creating my own limits because of all the pain I carried with me from my childhood. Once I told Bethany about it, I felt so free. Since then my relationship with my daughter has been restored and I just got a job I absolutely love.                                         


Susie B

Before working with Bethany I had attained a high level of success but felt so lost. I learned that it was ok for e to say no to things at work and then decided to start my own company!                       

Sara T

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Hey There,
I'm Bethany

I help execs and entrepreneurs who are in transition get crystal clear about what they want, what is blocking them, and take massive action to live life on their terms. I work specifically in areas of mindset, energetics, emotional management, and strategy. 


I am a registered nurse and corporate dropout who transitioned the sh*t out of my life leaving my 6-figure salary where I managed, marketed, hired teams, trained, and led the opening and ongoing operations for 45M Resort Style Senior Living properties.


I walked away sold everything and traveled the US and today I help other courageous leaders transition into a life they love - their Big Life!

Your Best Life Begins Here.

Inside this one-on-one coaching environment, everything we do is tailored to exactly where you are to address your unique circumstances, beliefs, talents, and dreams.

You get:

  • Private 60 minutes sessions via Zoom

  • Accountability with clear next steps after every session

  • Voxer access between sessions for support and celebration

  • Recordings of each session for continued growth and review

  • A completely safe space to share without judgment