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Hi, I’m Bethany Clemenson,

I was once living “the dream” - great job, marriage, kids, and house … from the outside it looked like I was killing it, but on the inside, I was dying. My relationships were strained. I was disconnected, exhausted, unfulfilled, and resentful, 

I lay in bed at night asking myself "Is this all there is?"

I wanted to feel confident, connected, and fulfilled.

So I began to dismantle the dreams I was taught to want (the job, money, titles, house, perfect looking life) and started to consider what I really wanted and I completely transformed my life.

Today I help others identify their values, learn how to lead themselves well so they live their priorities, and ditch the dreams they were taught in exchange for the ones they truly desire. 


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"Your Life. Your Way. Your Terms."

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